Olympic figure skater Eric Radford this week announced that he's in a relationship with another man and that the couple is raising a daughter.

Radford was part of the Canadian team that won silver at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

He came out in an interview with Outsports, making him the first elite figure skater to do so at the height of his professional career.

On not coming out before the Olympics, Radford said that he did not want to be known as “the gay athlete.”

“My concern was that I would be known as 'the gay athlete' if I came out at the Olympics, rather than Eric the medalling figure skater who happens to be gay. And I felt uncomfortable with that title,” he said.

Though in reality, Radford did come out at the Olympics, telling a Canadian reporter that his boyfriend was in Sochi to support him. However, his comment was not published.

He explained that he and partner Normand Piché have been together for about four years and live in Montreal with Piché's daughter, now a teenager.

“I'm proud of our whole situation, how we're basically a gay family. We function great, we get along so well. We have become a family,” Radford said. “I was only 25 when I met Normand. I don't know many gay guys that age who would take on that responsibility. But I jumped right in. It's been fun and fulfilling and has broadened my perspective on so many things.”