Televangelist Pat Robertson said Wednesday that gay rights threaten everything the pilgrims and the founding fathers built.

In response to a The 700 Club segment about the religious faith of the pilgrims, Robertson warned that recent court rulings “exulting aberrant lifestyles” defy “the very essence of this nation” and would lead to its destruction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our warning should be today, we can't lose that,” Robertson said of a United States built on biblical principles.

“And when you have courts that are taking away the very essence of our democracy, the ground from which this great country came, when courts are saying that is unconstitutional, when they’re exulting aberrant lifestyles and saying that’s constitutional, when they're defying the very essence of this nation, they are sowing the seeds, not of a new, prosperous nation but the destruction of the one that's already here,” he said.

In October, CNN's Anderson Cooper put Robertson on his RidicuList over warning a viewer that he could catch AIDS from towels in Kenya.

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