An Army veteran clinging to life in a Winston-Salem, North Carolina hospital after he was severely beaten by a man he met at a gay bar died Saturday afternoon.

According to the AP, 46-year-old Stephen Patrick White, who served in the Army during the late 1980s, died from injuries he sustained in the attack.

Authorities have charged Garry Joseph Gupton, a 26-year-old Greensboro city employee, with first-degree murder in connection with White's death.

White and Gupton reportedly met last weekend at the Chemistry Nightclub in Greensboro, which bills itself as “gay, straight, whatever.” A bartender at the club said that he had seen the men leave together in a cab.

Firefighters responding to a fire Sunday at the Battleground Inn found White unconscious in a room located on the fourth floor.

Guilford County Assistant District Attorney Howard Newman said that the fire appeared to have been intentionally set and that White had been struck with several objects, including a telephone and television.

White's burns were so severe that parts of both arms had to be amputated.

Alex Teal, White's boyfriend since 2009, told the AP that the pair had recently reconciled and planned on resuming their relationship the following week.

“So that night was his last night of freedom,” Teal said.

Teal said that White was “doing good” on Friday but that his health deteriorated on Saturday. He died about 3 PM.

Officials said that they do not believe White's sexual orientation played a role in the incident.