The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has warned a married gay couple to change their names or risk losing their driving licenses.

Daniel and Scott Wall-Desousa received the warning in the mail a week after they discussed with local media how they legally changed their last names using their New York State marriage license.

“It informs me and notifies me that my driving privileges will be canceled indefinitely as of November 22,” Daniel told WFTV Channel 9.

The men also changed their last name on critical documents such as their Social Security cards and voter ID cards.

“Everything has been changed to my benefits, to my Florida pension,” Daniel said. “How does one undo all that?”

Asked about the timing, Daniel said it showed there was a “don't ask, don't tell” policy at work in the department.

“It says it is a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy and that is offensive,” Scott told the station. “It didn't work once and it is not going to work again.”

The couple plans to file a lawsuit against the state.

Florida's ban on gay marriage has been ruled unconstitutional by numerous state judges and a federal judge.