Appearing Tuesday on the David Pakman Show, Colorado State Representative-elect Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Christian conservative strongly opposed to gay rights, said that he was likely to tone down his rhetoric in his new position as an elected representative.

Klingenschmitt, the host of the YouTube show Pray in Jesus Name Project, was named the “demon-obsessed anti-gay exorcist” by Right Wing Watch for bragging “about having successfully performed an exorcism on a lesbian soldier” and stating that “demonic spirits are behind everything from abortion to gay marriage to ENDA to President [Barack] Obama to Madonna.”

“Gay exorcism has been this huge thing,” host David Pakman started. “Every website has been writing about how you believe in exercising the gay out of people. You once exercised the gay out of a lesbian and she cried and accepted Jesus and she hasn't gone back ever since. Is there any way in which gay exorcism would translate into your role as an upcoming member of the House of Representatives?”

“No, David,” Klingenschmitt answered, then went on to defend his right to run for public office: “The Constitution says there is no religious litmus test for office.”

Elsewhere on the program Klingenschmitt, also known as “Dr. Chaps,” said that as an elected official he would probably “tone down the rhetoric.”

“I don't have any reason to talk about those things under the capital dome. I honestly want to build bridges with members of the opposition party. I may not vote with them very often but we can all be personable and friendly,” he said. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)