In Sunday's episode of CNN's This is Life with Lisa Ling, host Lisa Ling explores the gay rodeo.

In the episode, titled Gay Rodeo, Ling travels to Santa Fe to meet members of the International Gay Rodeo Association, which has over 5,000 registered members.

“Here, in Santa Fe, Lisa will meet people united by two qualities: their love of Western culture and their homosexuality,” the episode's description reads.

“Many have braved childhoods in the most homophobic regions of the country; some are still in the closet; and others are fastening their chaps for the very first time. But all are bucking stereotypes, proving that you don't have to be straight to rope, ride and wrestle a steer.”

A trailer for Gay Rodeo is embedded on this page. (Visit out video library for more videos.)

Ling will also host a conversation on Twitter during the broadcast.