Elton John has named Pope Francis his hero.

According to the AP, the 67-year-old John praised Francis for his outreach to gays as he hosted his annual AIDS benefit, “An Enduring Vision: A Benefit for the Elton John AIDS Foundation,” Tuesday night in New York City.

John called Francis “my hero” for pushing boundaries in the Catholic church.

“Make this man a saint now, OK?” he told the crowd.

After Catholic bishops scrapped language welcoming gays to the Catholic faith in a draft report on the family earlier this month, Francis told bishops, “God's not afraid of new things.”

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On the red carpet, John told the AP that the “end of the road is in sight” in the fight against AIDS.

“What we need now is for people to start taking that medicine, to step up to the plate and be a little bit more responsible than they have been, and to say let's all end this together, let's pull together, let's come out of the HIV closet, let's not be ashamed of this, let's get tested and let's stop having unsafe sex,” he said.