Out director Bryan Singer is having a baby with actress Michelle Clunie.

Clunie is best known for playing Melanie Marcus on Showtime's groundbreaking gay drama Queer as Folk.

A rep for Singer, the director of movies including X Men: Days of Future Past and The Usual Suspects and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, confirmed the pregnancy in a statement given to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Mother and father are both very excited about the upcoming birth and look forward to co-parenting the child together,” the rep said. “The pair have been planning this baby for years and have been trying for the last two.”

Singer, 49, and Clunie, 44, dated in their early 20s.

In an interviewer for the May issue of The Outsider, Singer described himself as bisexual.

“I'd definitely be a four [on the six-point Kinsey scale],” he said.