Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Governor Sam Brownback on Saturday led a campaign rally against marriage equality in Kansas.

Kansas is the lone state resisting two separate Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals rulings striking down gay marriage bans in Oklahoma and Utah. The court's rulings took effect last week after the Supreme Court refused to hear appeals in the cases.

The ACLU has asked a federal judge in Kansas City to force the state to comply with the rulings and allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in Kansas.

According to KSN News, dozens of speakers opposed to marriage equality participated in Saturday's Whistle Bus Stop Tour held in the parking lot of a church on the east side of Wichita.

“Seventy percent of Kansans voted to put in your constitution that marriage is the definition of a man and woman,” Brownback, a Republican, told the crowd, estimated at about 100.

Huelskamp, a vocal opponent of gay rights, suggested that allowing gay couples to marry would lead to unknown consequences.

“If we lose the battle, you will have to accept the view that marriage can be anything three judges say it is,” said Huelskamp, also a Republican.