British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith says she's a gay man trapped in a woman's body.

Faith released A Perfect Contradiction, her third studio album, in March. A Perfect Contradiction: Outsiders' Edition arrives next month with four additional songs.

In an interview with UK gay glossy Attitude, Faith said that she believes it's more taboo for men to identify as bisexual than it is for women.

“I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body,” she said. “I also think most women are bisexual. I think it's maybe less so for men, because socially it's more taboo, there's more pressure on a man. So it's a big deal, a big decision to come out.”

“I think with women, it's every heterosexual man's biggest fantasy to see two women get together, so it's a bit more acceptable. Also the other thing I was talking to someone about recently is how everybody's first sexual experience is with a woman, because we were sucking on our mother's nipples!”