Christian conservative Linda Harvey has described LGBT youth centers as “homosexual sex centers” where “kids are being preyed upon by older homosexuals,” which has led to a rise in HIV among young adults.

In a From the Media interview with Molly Smith, head of Cleveland Right to Life, Harvey, president of the Columbus-based Mission America, criticized such centers, saying they put LGBT teens at risk.

“The things that go on in the bathrooms at these centers … it's unbelievable,” Harvey said. “It's everything you can imagine.”

“Social service agencies donate money because, again, it’s considered a youth center. No, it’s a homosexual sex center and kids should not be involved in this. This is another way HIV is being spread, I think. There’s no question that kids are being preyed upon by older homosexuals, and that’s why you see Centers for Disease Control shows 13- to 24-year-old HIV rates are going up.”

Harvey, of course, provided no evidence to back up her claims.

She also chided school anti-bullying programs as “pretty weak” for failing to tell teens that there is “no such thing as a gay person.”

“There is no such thing as a gay person,” Harvey said. “There are people with those attractions and preferences, but not intrinsically, and those behaviors are immoral and harmful. So, are they ever going to tell children that? I would hope so, but these bullying programs are pretty weak on the whole picture.”

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