Christian conservative and Colorado House hopeful Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt on Wednesday reacted to an appeals court's recent ruling upholding New Jersey's ban on 'ex-gay' therapy to minors.

So-called conversion therapy attempts to alter a teen's sexual orientation from gay to straight.

New Jersey lawmakers last year approved the law that prohibits such therapies to minors.

On his Pray in Jesus Name web program, Klingenschmitt told viewers that Satan used the lawmakers to silence the prophets of God.

“There is a demonic spirit of persecution that is in some politicians,” he said. “The Devil is influencing them to persecute Christians and they're using the courts to do it, they're using these laws to do it. They want to silence the prophets!”

“This court is commanding psychologists, if you prophesy, if you quote the Bible, you're going to lose your license. You know what? They're the ones who are wrong. And you're the ones who are right, if you're trying to help a teen get free of their sin,” he added.