Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes argues that gay rights will lead to the persecution of pastors.

During an appearance last month on the Daystar program Joni Table Talk, which is hosted by Daystar founder Joni Lamb, Starnes appeared to agree with Lamb who backed daughter Rachel's statement that allowing gay couples to marry could lead to man-dog marriage.

“At what point is the line drawn as far as what is discrimination?” Rachel Lamb asked. “You know, is it discrimination if they wanted to make a cake for them and their dog, and they're going to get married to their dog, you know. Is that something that's going to hold up? At what point do we say, okay, you know, this is not okay.”

“Cause you're blurring the lines,” Joni Lamb added. “And because now marriage isn't being clearly defined.”

“When you think about it, though,” Starnes replied, “when you do redefine marriage, that means anything goes. You're no longer allowed so say, well, you can't marry. Well, who are we to say who can't marry if we've already redefined it. So now, it really is anything goes.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Later in the hour-long broadcast, Starnes stated that some pastors who oppose gay rights will eventually face jail sentences.

“I think that we are going to see some pastors that may quite frankly have to go to jail to defend their religious liberty,” Starnes said. “Some people say, oh we ought to be real quiet. We ought not to say anything. Well, you know what, I can appreciate that, but if I wanted to be persecuted for my faith, I'd go move over to China. I like to live in America, where we don't get beat up on the way to church.”