Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi recently reiterated that she is only doing her job in defending Florida's ban on gay marriage.

A federal judge and judges in four counties have struck down Florida's 2008 constitutional amendment limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples.

Marriage equality supporters have mounted a campaign asking Bondi and Republican Governor Rick Scott to abandon their defense of the ban.

And while nine attorneys general have decided against defending similar bans, Bondi has insisted that she's simply doing her job.

“I have many, many gay friends,” she said during an appearance on Bay News 9's Political Connections.

She added that she attended the baptism of a gay friend's adopted daughter.

“I put my hand on a Bible,” she said. “I raised my other hand, and I swore to uphold the Constitution of the state of Florida. The voters by over 60 percent six years ago put this in our constitution.”

A state filing arguing that allowing couples to marry would “impose significant public harm” stirred controversy in the spring.

“I can tell you now I'm reading every word of every brief that's being written,” Bondi said on the program.