A former GOP spokesman on Thursday announced he's gay.

James Richardson wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that he feels “forced to out” himself.

In the piece, titled I'm a Senior GOP Spokesman, and I'm Gay. Let me get Married, Richardson acknowledged the role he played in helping “perpetuate marriage bias in America.”

“As a former spokesman for the Republican National Committee and adviser to prominent party figures, I'm also a professional political operative who's helped install in government those who perpetuate marriage bias in America,” he wrote.

Though he said that he's “preached the small-government virtues of equal marriage” to his party, he never once wrote that he's gay.

“For my admission here, I will alienate friends whose faiths regard my sexuality as culturally corrosive. I'll suffer the snickering of those across the aisle whose politics regard my own as personally injurious. And conservative clients may regard me as a liability,” he wrote.

Richardson has worked as an adviser for Republican Governors Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Jon Huntsman of Utah. Huntsman last year endorsed marriage equality.

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