Colorado Attorney General John Suthers on Tuesday asked a federal appeals court to set aside a case challenging the state's ban on gay marriage until the Supreme Court rules in two similar cases.

U.S. District Judge Raymond P. Moore struck down Colorado's ban in July and granted defendants' request for a temporary stay.

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver stayed the ruling pending an appeal.

In Tuesday's filing, Suthers asked the court to put the case on hold until the Supreme Court rules in two similar cases challenging bans in Utah and Oklahoma.

In rulings handed down earlier this summer, a divided Tenth Circuit struck down bans in both states and defendants appealed to the Supreme Court, which has not acted on the requests.

“Although a divided panel of the Tenth Circuit has ruled that Utah’s and Oklahoma’s bans and non-recognition of same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, those constitutional questions, which are also at-issue in this case, are and will remain unsettled until the Tenth Circuit’s decisions in Kitchen and Bishop become final in one of two ways, namely: (a) the Supreme Court denies a petition for writ of certiorari and the Tenth Circuit issues its mandates; or (b) the Supreme Court grants the petitions for writ of certiorari and issues final decisions,” the document states. “Without question, the Supreme Court’s determination of the constitutional questions concerning same-sex marriage will directly bear on and control this case. If the Supreme Court accepts Utah’s and Oklahoma’s arguments, or otherwise allows those states to enforce traditional definitions of marriage, Plaintiffs’ claims in this case will fail as a consequence.”

The Tenth Circuit's decision in the Utah case prompted plaintiffs – six gay and lesbian couples – to challenge Colorado's ban.

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