Christian conservative Linda Harvey used a Labor Day message to promote anti-gay discrimination.

Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, on Monday lauded business owners who refuse to serve gays and lesbians, saying they are the victims of “spiteful bullying.”

“What are Christian business leaders thinking about this Labor Day?” Harvey rhetorically asked her radio listeners.

Labor Day, Harvey said, was an appropriate day to think about “our American business community.”

Wedding providers “are feeling intense heat by the homosexual lobby,” she said.

“Some have closed their doors after months of spiteful bullying. Others have been subjected to painful and expensive lawsuits. Florists, caterers, inns and photographers are being deliberately targeted by homosexual supporters to force public respect for their deviance. The crowd that said all they wanted was tolerance is showing none of it.”

“Our country is in trouble, friends, because of these radicals who want to revolutionize our moral standards,” she added. “How far will extremists go to push us into sexual anarchy? Let’s pledge to start this Fall to do what we can – lawfully of course – to stand up for our principles. This evil does not ultimately win, we know, but we can make sure it doesn't even win in the here and now.”

Of course, refusing to serve gay couples is not only discriminatory and intolerant, it is illegal in many cities and states.