A Chinese man identified by the pseudonym Xiao Zhen has sued the clinic that tried to “shock the gay” out of him.

According to LGBT rights advocate All Out, the 30-year-old Zhen filed his first of its kind lawsuit in July and a verdict is expected next month.

Zhen claims the clinic used electroshock treatment and hypnosis in an attempt to alter his sexual orientation from gay to straight.

“I was electro-shocked at a gay 'cure' center in China,” he said in a statement. “Doctors hypnotized me and said they would 'shock the gay' out of me.”

“In families like mine, being gay is still seen as something that can be cured, and scam clinics prey on that fear. Now, I want my friends, my family and everyone in China to understand that being gay is normal.”

Zhen also launched an All Out petition asking the World Health Organization (WHO) “to join in and speak out against gay 'cures'.”

“It could help convince [Chinese] officials to finally ban these dangerous gay 'cures,'” he added.

As of Friday, more than 87,000 people had electronically signed Zhen's petition.