Miss Spain Patricia Yurena announced on Instagram that she's in a relationship with another woman, making her the first openly gay active national beauty queen.

According to the UK's Mirror, Yurena won her country's title in 2008 and 2013.

She captioned a photo of herself and girlfriend Vansea Cortes as the pair stared longingly into each other eyes with “Romeo and Juliet” and the emoticons monkey see no evil, monkey hear no evil and monkey speak no evil.

The photo received many congratulations.

“You are giving an excellent example,” a commenter wrote. “You're beauties, greetings from Venezuela.”

“I published quite naturally and impulsively,” Yurena said in a separate post. “I appreciate the outpouring of support and even more to rejoice in my happiness. Thank you!!”

The 24-year-old Yurena finished runner up in the 2013 Miss Universe competition. Her girlfriend is a singer and DJ.