Comedian Joan Rivers on Friday married a gay couple in New York City.

It was the second time Rivers had officiated over the vows of Joe Aiello and William “Jed” Ryan.

In June, the men, a couple of 3 years, jokingly asked Rivers to marry them during a Barnes & Noble book signing for her latest book, Diary of a Mad Diva.

“While we were waiting, we were reading the book,” Aiello told Entertainment Tonight. “She mentioned being an ordained minister and I jokingly asked, 'Do you think it's true? Maybe she'll marry us.' And [Ryan] goes, 'Ask her.' So, I did.”

Rivers, 81, agreed to marry the couple on the spot. During the ceremony, Rivers said marriage was “honest to God forever.”

However, without a marriage license, the men weren't officially married.

Rivers offered to host the men's wedding, which took place on the 17th floor of New York's Hotel Plaza Athenee and was attended by a small crowd of a dozen friends and family, gay glossy Out reported.

“I hadn't planned on marrying anyone else, except for maybe Britney Spears, because I'd love to hear her lip sync her vows,” she said during the ceremony.

Speaking with Out, Rivers said that “everyone should live their own lives as they want to live them.” And to those who oppose her support, she said that they can “Go fuck yourselves.”