“Ex-gay” activist David Kyle Foster over the weekend told Mission America's Linda Harvey that gay activists are recruiting kids with a message that “gay sex is wonderful.”

Foster appeared on Harvey's radio program to pitch his documentary Such Were Some Of You, which is described as featuring “dozens of testimonies of former homosexuals telling the story of how Jesus Christ can transform anyone with this struggle who comes to Him in repentance and faith.” (Most of those featured in Foster's documentary are professional anti-gay or “ex-gay” activists, such as author and radio host Michael Brown, author Linda Jernigan and Restore Hope Network's Anne Paulk.)

Young people, Foster warned, are especially vulnerable because “Satan is in their little minds, planting all sorts of doubts and fears.”

“All these gay activists are teaching [children] in elementary schools and junior high schools that gay sex is wonderful, and here's how you do it; here's how you do the most perverse thing done by gay people, right in our schools,” Foster said.

“It's child abuse as far as I'm concerned,” he added.