The wife of Jonathan Saenz, president of the anti-gay group Texas Values, left him for another woman.

Texas Values has worked against passage of LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances in San Antonio and Houston, alleging that such laws pave the way for Christian concentration camps.

Saenz also has claimed that allowing gay couples to marry will lead to polygamy and incest.

According to Lone Star Q, Jonathan Saenz and Corrine Saenz were married nearly 9 years and share custody of two sons and one daughter.

Corrine Saenz filed for divorce in 2011 – which became final two years later – claiming “discord or conflicts of personalities.”

As the divorce proceeded, Saenz unsuccessfully attempted to permanently bar Ercilia M. Paredes, his ex-wife's girlfriend and an elementary school teacher, from being in the presence of their three children.

Court records indicate that Saenz stated that Corrine Saenz was “deeply involved in her relationship with Ms. Paredes as early as the fall of 2010.” However, there is no mention of Paredes in the final divorce decree.