Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), on Monday suggested that God will punish Sears for its support of gay marriage.

Last month, Sears released a video promoting the weddings of four gay couples which took place aboard a Gay Pride float in Chicago's annual parade sponsored by the retail giant. The float celebrated passage of a law allowing gay couples to marry in Illinois, which officially took effect on June 1, though several counties started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples months earlier.

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LaBarbera criticized the retailer during an appearance on Crosstalk radio.

“There goes Sears,” LaBarbera said. “I watched the video. It's just sad and tragic to me. The Bible says there's a way that seem right to a man but the end of that way is death, basically. Attaching the perversion of homosexuality, which God called an abomination, detestable behavior, attaching that to marriage is just ungodly. It's sad to see corporations celebrating this to get more sales and we'll see if Sears suffers for this capitulation to the homosexual activist movement.”

“The idea that America can go on promoting the worst kind of sins – and now the latest is sadomasochism after homosexuality – and not be judged, I think that's folly,” he later said in response to a caller's comment that California's extreme weather is divine punishment for the state's support of LGBT rights.