Four years after its premiere, French gay porn actor Francois Sagat's debut mainstream performance in Homme au Bain (Man at Bath) arrived Tuesday on DVD.

The film premiered at Switzerland's Locarno Film Festival, a showcase for arthouse films, in 2010.

Sagat, who can be seen under the same name in numerous Titan Media titles, plays Emmanuel, a gay hustler living with his lover Omar (played by Omar Ben Sellem) outside Paris.

After the pair quarrel, Emmanuel is left brokenhearted to fend for himself as Omar makes his way to Manhattan. Even as Emmanuel is busy turning his best asset (his hot ass) into cash, he resentfully pines away for his lover.

Director Christophe Honore (Ma Mere, Love Songs, Dans Paris, Close to Leo) told French gay website that he was interested in Sagat because he “redefines the notion of masculinity.”

The not rated film includes English subtitles.

Sagat's heavily muscled body and trademark tattooed head can also be seen in Director Bruce LaBruce's controversial gay zombie flick L.A. Zombie.

In the film, Sagat stars as a schizophrenic gay zombie who believes he can bring the dead back to life by having sex with them. The film includes graphic scenes of zombies having sexual intercourse.