Katharine Isabelle's lesbian character on the NBC hit series Hannibal will get a love interest in the show's upcoming third season.

Hannibal, which is based on the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, has received critical acclaimed. It focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special agent Will Graham (played by Hugh Dancy) and Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), a cannibalistic serial killer and a forensic psychiatrist.

In season 2, producers introduced Margot Verger (Isabelle), who is one of Lecter's patients.

Bryan Fuller, who developed the series for NBC, told lesbian entertainment blog AfterEllen.com that Verger will have a love interest in season 3 who has already been cast.

Fuller also explained why he removed some of Verger's original backstory.

“I really like the character in the book as well as I was troubled by the character in the book,” Fuller said. “Because in the book she was somebody who was habitually raped since she was a toddler, essentially, by her brother. And then later sort of abused her body with steroids and destroyed her reproductive organs and it felt, to me, like the wrong message for a character – that if you’re molested as a child, you’re going to become a lesbian. And so I took the sexual angle out of their relationship because I thought that was a bad message.”

“I think we will definitely be seeing other sides of her,” Fuller added.