Target is selling Papyrus wedding cards for gay and lesbian couples in Virginia.

In 2012, the Minnesota-based retail giant began selling a line of cards under the headings “For two special men” and “For two special women.”

Patrice Sadd, a spokeswoman for Carlton Cards, which is owned by American Greetings, said at the time that the company and Target together decided to offer “wedding cards relevant for everyone.”

The Washington Blade's Michael K. Lavers on Sunday tweeted a photo of Papyrus cards on sale at a Target store in Alexandria, Virginia, where gay couples are not allowed to marry but may exchange vows in neighboring Washington D.C. or Maryland.

Papyrus offers six such cards, most of which are blank inside with the exception of two.

A “Mr. & Mr.” card features two black bow ties on the front and inside reads, “Happy, new, wonderful and amazing beginnings to you both. Congratulations,” while a “Mrs. & Mrs.” card features two bridal veils and reads, “Celebrating the beginning of a life of love and a dream come true. Congratulations on your marriage.” Each card sells for $6.95.

In 2010, Target became the target of a boycott over its $150,000 donation to MN Forward, a political action group that backed gay marriage foe Tom Emmer's gubernatorial bid.