New South Wales Senator David Leyonhjelm, who represents the Liberal Democratic Party, announced Monday that he'll shortly be introducing a gay marriage bill.

Leyonhjelm said he'll push for a vote on the bill when Prime Minister Tony Abbott allows members of Australia's ruling Coalition to vote as they choose on the issue.

Abbott, an opponent of marriage equality, was elected prime minister last year.

“It is not the job of governments to define relationships,” Leyonhjelm said during a press conference. “For those of you who have a problem with homosexuality for some reason or another, we are not asking for your approval. I ask merely for your tolerance. If your private life is nobody else's business, I ask you to understand that the private life of others is none of your business, and it is simply not your role to impose your views on others.”

“I ask that you understand that the liberties you care about should be available to everybody, and that there is no place in Australia for second class citizens,” he added.