A gay story arc playing out on cabler TNT's Major Crimes is expected to peak in its third season.

On Monday's episode, titled Do Not Disturb, Rusty Beck (played by Graham Patrick Martin; The Bill Engvall Show, Two and a Half Men) struggles with coming out to his friends and family.

Rusty, a troubled teen, appeared as a murder witness on the series finale of The Closer. Martin reprises the role in Major Crimes, which was spun-off after The Closer ended its 7-season run.

Speaking to gay glossy The Advocate, Martin discussed his unique role as a gay teen.

“I think part of the reason my role is more authentic than a lot of other gay parts you see on television is that I'm not there just for laughs,” he said. “Also, the trauma of having been on the streets as a hustler because I was abandoned by my mother gives me something of a unique journey in the basic cable-network television universe.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly named tonight's episode Flight Risk. We regret the error.