Through Thursday Burger King is selling a Proud Whopper in downtown San Francisco, which held its 44th annual Gay Pride parade on Sunday.

The burger comes wrapped in rainbow-themed paper. Inside the wrapper states, “We are all the same inside.”

The fast-food chain is promoting the burger in a video posted on YouTube.

In the 2-minute video, an after parade crowd is asked to try the new “Proud Whopper.”

“Are they different?” a man asks.

“I don't know,” is the response.

One woman becomes emotional over the burger's message.

“I cried in there because I was overwhelmed,” she says. “A burger has never made me cry before.”

“I think this wrapper means that we all have the same rights,” a young boy says.

The video ends with a little girl screaming, “I love my two mommies!” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)