Singer-songwriter Chely Wright says she and her wife married in New York before they walked down the aisle in Connecticut.

The 43-year-old Wright came out gay in 2010 and married Lauren Blitzer-Wright the following year. In 2013, the couple welcomed twin boys George Samuel and Everett Joseph.

In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Wright said she and her wife were already married by the time they exchanged vows in Connecticut.

“Before our wedding in Connecticut, we had registered for a marriage license in the state of New York,” Wright explained. “And there was such an overflow of people waiting to get married that they did a lottery. And a couple had to be chosen. And we received a call and were told that 'It's with great pleasure that you've been chosen.'”

“So we didn't tell anyone. We stood in line on a very hot day with hundreds of other couples that had been together all lengths of time. We all stood in line together for seven to eight hours. And by the time we got up there to get married, we had experienced something so amazing.”

“So that day was emotional and historical for us. And then a month later, we had our wedding day at home in Connecticut,” she added.