New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney on Saturday married his partner of 22 years, Randy Gene Florke.

Maloney, New York's first openly gay member of Congress, and Florke married in a ceremony Saturday in Cold Springs, New York.

Presiding over the ceremony was Rev. Fr. Sane Scott-Hamblen of the Church of St. Mary-in-the-Highlands.

Florke proposed marriage on Christmas morning.

The couple, who are raising two daughters – Essie and Daley – and a son, Jesus, had previously pledged not to marry until the federal government recognized the marriages of gay and lesbian couples, which it now does.

“Even after 22 years together, we're overwhelmed by how blessed we feel to celebrate this special day with our friends and family,” the couple said in a statement. “With our three kids by our side, this couldn't have been a more perfect day. Thank you to all our friends near and far for their love and support as we continue to fight to ensure all families can experience the joy of a lifetime commitment.”

Maloney previously told BuzzFeed that their children pushed them to marry.

“In the eyes of young children, it matters that you're married,” Maloney said. “It means something to them, and so we saw that through their eyes.”

Essie, the youngest daughter, wrote to Santa asking to marry her two dads.

Florke proposed by giving Maloney a suitcase for Christmas.

Florke said he told his husband-to-be: “It's a suitcase, but it comes with a proposal: I want to know if you will travel with me forever and marry me.”

Former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank was the first member of Congress to enter a same-sex marriage while in office. Openly gay Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan is also married.