In commenting on an NBC News story about a polyamorous family living in Atlanta, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham suggested a Supreme Court ruling allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry would open the door for the legalization of plural marriages.

“I thought that was beyond sad and disturbing,” Ingraham said of the news story on Friday. “And very predictable.”

“I mean, the polyamory cases for marriage are already making their way, I believe, through the court system. Probably make their way eventually to the Supreme Court.”

“I don't know how the Supreme Court could possibly conclude that marriage isn't appropriate for polyamorous couples if it's appropriate for non-traditional couples,” she told her listeners on Friday.

Ingraham said her reasoning was there was nothing special about two people.

“The legal reasoning: What's so special about two? Why not three, or four, five? Why not one? Why can't one person be married? I'm married to myself.”

“The logic just isn't there once you take it away from the biological underpinnings, the Judeo-Christian tradition, then anything goes,” she added.