As Gay Pride hits its stride this weekend, Vocativ has released its list of America's most gay friendly cities.

Los Angeles topped the site's list. Usual suspects New York (2), San Francisco (3) and Chicago (5) also ranked in the top five. Surprise entries included Des Moines (4), Albany (7), Rochester (8) and Madison (10).

Vocativ says it compiled its list using what it calls the Queer Index.

“The Queer Index is a rich analysis of dozens of quality-of-life factors for America's LGBT communities in 100 U.S. cities, based on Vocativ's proprietary technology that mines the deep web – the 80 percent of the Internet outside the scope of search engines,” the site said in a press release. “The Index sources 32 publicly available data sets to analyze 16 key lifestyle metrics. It weighs variables that reflect and influence how and where LGBT Americans live, work, play, party, fall in love and raise families.”

A few interesting statistics unearthed by Vocativ's Queer Index include: The highest percentage of single lesbians is found in Memphis, Tennessee; New York City is America's capital for LGBT hookups; and Atlanta has the highest number of LGBT-friendly businesses in the county at 685.