Julaine Appling, head of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), has described a ruling striking down Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage as an “attempt to destroy” marriage.

Gay and lesbian couples in two counties began marrying on Friday after a federal judge declared invalid Wisconsin's 2006 voter-approved constitutional amendment prohibiting state officials from recognizing any union other than a heterosexual marriage.

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WFA supported passage of the marriage amendment as the Family Research Institute. Four WFA plaintiffs sued the state over a domestic partnership registry for gay couples which offers few benefits. The suit, currently before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, claims plaintiffs have been harmed because their tax revenues are being used to fund the registry.

In a blog post, Appling, who has previously argued that the domestic partner registry violates the marriage amendment because it “mimics marriage,” said in a blog post that her group was “disappointed but not surprised” by Friday's ruling.

“Rather than going through the stringent legislative process required to place a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot for a vote, radical homosexuals have used the courts to nullify the vote of a majority of Wisconsin citizens as well as those in 26 other states,” Appling said. “Trying to destroy an institution that has served and prospered societies for thousands of years is the height of arrogance and a gross pandering to a well organized, well funded, very small minority who, rather than take this important issue to the people of Wisconsin, did an end run around the will of the people.”