A group of pastors opposed to marriage equality blasted a ruling making Pennsylvania the 19th state to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry and the judge who handed down the decision.

At a rally in the Capitol on Monday, the Pennsylvania Pastors Network called for U.S. District Judge John Jones III's ouster for declaring the state's law banning such unions invalid.

“I am now considered a homophobe if I don't embrace gay marriage,” Pastor David Reinwald of Kissinger's Lutheran Church in Wyomissing said.

“He ought to be removed from office,” said Sam Rohrer, the group's president.

In an interview with ABC affiliate WHTM, Jones responded to the pastors, saying they have a right to their opinions.

“You know, removing people from office might be a little on the extreme side when you don't agree with their decisions,” Jones said. “But they're exercising their First Amendment rights. The last time I checked, we're not a theocracy and I did my job as a United States district judge, and if they disagree with it that's their right.”