The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is urging Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett to appeal a federal judge's Tuesday ruling striking down the state's law prohibiting gay couples from marrying.

In ruling the state's restrictive marriage law unconstitutional, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones recommended that such laws be discarded “into the ash heap of history.”

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Corbett's office said Tuesday that the governor was studying the ruling and considering options.

NOM President Brian Brown condemned Jones' decision in a blog post.

“Pennsylvania voters have long sought, and been denied, the right to vote on the issue of marriage. This ruling adds insult to injury, as it leaves the citizens of Pennsylvania doubly disenfranchised. Members of the Pennsylvania legislature have been actively working for years to put this matter to the voters, which makes Judge Jones' cavalier decision even more brazen and unjust. The ruling unilaterally makes an end-run around the democratic process and places the capricious will of one man above the desires of millions of citizens,” Brown said.

“We know from the stay granted in the case in Utah that the Supreme Court believes these matters should be thoroughly debated and legally argued, and that there is nothing ‘inevitable' about marriage redefinition. The administration owes it to the people of Pennsylvania to pursue this matter vigorously through the court system, and give marriage the defense it requires and deserves. This is especially true in Pennsylvania, where the people have already seen the insult of the Attorney General abandoning her oath of office and refusing to defend marriage. The administration stepped in to right that wrong in this case, and we urge them to continue to render justice by providing a defense of Pennsylvania's marriage laws.”