Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wants the judge who struck down Arkansas' ban on gay marriage to be ousted.

Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza on Friday knocked down a 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment and 1997 law prohibiting gay couples from marrying. Most counties have refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, saying they will wait for word from the state Supreme Court, which is considering a request from the state to stay Piazza's decision.

Huckabee, who as governor signed the 1997 law, criticized Piazza in a post published at the blog of his political action committee, Huckpac.

“Apparently [Piazza] mistook his black robe for a cape and declared himself to be 'SUPER LAWMAKER!'”

“By virtually ordering same sex marriage to begin immediately, which in fact happened in at least one Arkansas county on the morning after Judge Piazza's Friday night massacre of the law and the will of the people, he positioned himself as if he were all 3 branches of government and declared the voters immaterial. The Governor should call a special session of the legislature and impeach the judge and affirm the people's will,” wrote Huckabee, who today hosts his own Fox News show.

“If the people wish to allow same sex marriage, they can put that matter on the ballot and vote for it. Or the legislature can put that matter on the ballot and ask the people to change the Constitution to allow it. But they should not stand by and allow one man to think his robe has more power than it does,” he added.

Speaker of the House Davy Carter has already said he would not support an attempt to impeach Piazza over his ruling, calling the idea “absurd.”