An Arkansas State Senator has called for the impeachment of the judge who struck down the state's ban on gay marriage.

On Friday, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza declared the state's ban invalid, saying in his 13-page brief that the state has “no rational reason” for withholding marriage from gay couples. Unlike some judges in other states, Piazza did not stay his ruling. State officials have said they will appeal the ruling.

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Senator Jason Rapert, a Republican, told Little Rock NBC affiliate KARK that he's looking into the possibility of ousting Piazza over the ruling.

“I have been contacted today by other legislators that would seek to start impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives against Judge Chris Piazza,” Rapert said.

Speaker of the House Davy Carter dismissed Rapert's proposal as “absurd.”

“Trying to impeach a judge because you don't like his or her decision notwithstanding the subject matter is absurd and goes against hundreds of years of the way our great country has conducted business under our three branches of government,” Carter said. “Circuit judges are elected by the people, as are our appellate and state Supreme Court judges. The appellate process needs to run its course. Our forefathers saw the importance of our constitution and system of self-governance. That system has worked well for a long time and makes us who we are as a country. I won't support any effort to undermine that.”