Organizers of Utah's biggest parade have denied a float application from a gay Mormon group, saying their entry would be too controversial.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Mormons Building Bridges, which is “dedicated to conveying love and acceptance to same-sex attracted and LGBTQI individuals,” won't participate in this year's Days of '47 Parade.

“The parade is very specific in its requirements that no float can enter that will create controversy,” Executive Vice President Greg James said. “We wouldn't have the Mormons Building Bridges float in there any more than we'd have the NRA [National Rifle Association] of something else that might turn people off.”

The parade, which takes place July 24, celebrates the Mormon pioneers' 1847 arrival in the Salt Lake Valley.

James said the decision to exclude Mormon Building Bridges was based on “trying to stay as neutral as we can.”

Bridges co-founder Kendall Wilcox said the group “worked hard to stay within their guidelines.”

“Members of the LGBT community are part of the Utah community,” he said. “... They really are pioneers today leading to a better Utah, so why not celebrate them?”

Other LGBT groups have also been denied entry into the parade. But most of those groups are politically active. Bridges, on the other hand, doesn't endorse candidates or campaign for LGBT rights.