The inclusion of Conchita Wurst in next week's Eurovision song contest has raised the ire of Russian politician Vitaly Milonov.

The St. Petersburg lawmaker's 2011 ordinance banning the promotion of “gay propaganda” to minors inspired a nationwide law that led to calls for a boycott of the Winter Olympics held earlier this year in Sochi, Russia.

According to UK's The Guardian, Milonov has asked Russia's Eurovision selection committee not to send Russian musicians to Eurovision, which starts Tuesday in Copenhagen.

In his letter, Milonov called the event a “Europe-wide gay parade” and argued that Russian participation would “contradict the path of cultural and moral renewal that Russia stands on today.”

“Even just broadcasting the competition in Russia could insult millions of Russians,” Milonov stated.

Austria's entry received the lion's share of Milonov's outrage.

Singer Thomas Neuwirth will compete this year in his drag persona of Conchita Wurst. Conchita beautifully combines masculinity with femininity by wearing a full beard in her act.

“The participation of the obvious transvestite and hermaphrodite Conchita Wurst on the same stage as Russian singers on live television is blatant propaganda of homosexuality and spiritual decay,” Milonov said.

He later tweeted that a complete boycott of the show was not necessary provided the “pervert from Austria” is excluded.