Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has denied allegations that Fox News prevented him from publicly coming out gay.

According to a report citing unnamed sources, Smith approached Fox News President Roger Ailes last summer about coming out, but Ailes dismissed the idea.

Gawker added that the discussion led Fox News executives to demote Smith from the channel's prime-time lineup, moving him to the 3 PM block.

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Smith dismissed Gawker's claims in a memo circulated to staff.

“News team, Good morning from Los Angeles,” Smith wrote. “I came to Fox News 18 yeas ago because they agreed to hire me. I've stayed with Fox News because of my relationship with Roger Ailes. He's my boss, my friend and my steadfast supporter both professionally and personally.”

“Things you might read today are horseshit. As phony as 24-hour breaking news on the The Plane Channel,” he added, referring to rival news network CNN. “Stand down. Big love. See y'all Monday. Unless breaking news changes everything.”