Hip hop recording artist Terrence Thornton, known as Pusha T, believes a gay rapper would be accepted.

During an appearance on Larry King Now, host Larry King asked Pusha T: “Why are we not seeing a gay rapper? I mean it's ten percent of the population, maybe. Certainly one would come along, would have a following.”

“I believe that, but I mean, you know, at this time I just sort of feel like the gay and homosexual culture is not … the coming out party is just not that important anymore. Like, I don't think we care. Even if there was a gay rapper, I don't know if we'd really ...”

“It wouldn't bother anybody?” King asked.

“If the music was good,” Pusha T answered with a nod.

“So, it comes down to the music?”

“Definitely,” he replied. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

However, several openly gay rappers, including Fly Young Red and Le1f, are attracting large numbers of fans. Fly Young Red's video for Throw That Boy Pussy went viral on YouTube and Le1f recently became the first gay rapper to appear on a network late-night show.