Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts on Tuesday thanked Ellen DeGeneres for helping her and others come out gay.

The 53-year-old Roberts quietly came out in December when she thanked her girlfriend Amber Laign in a Facebook post for standing by her side during a tumultuous year.

DeGeneres has said that Hollywood at first rejected her after her 1997 announcement that she is gay. She's now considered one of Hollywood's most bankable stars.

Appearing on DeGeneres' daytime talk show, Roberts explained that she and Laign have been together 9 years.

“It's an amazing thing that she has been by your side,” DeGeneres said. “Obviously, it's wonderful to have someone who has had the courage and strength to do it and be another face for, 'Look. We are successful, happy people that can fall in love and deserve everything that everyone else has.'”

“I look to you Ellen. And you were such a trailblazer,” Roberts said. “You have helped a lot of people like myself have that discussion with their families, because you are so well respected and loved. It's really helped a lot of us and I thank you for that.”

“And you have helped a lot of people, too. And I thank you,” DeGeneres responded. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)