A 28-year-old man in Pakistan has confessed to killing three gay men whom he lured off the Internet with the promise of sex.

Muhammad Ejaz met his victims on Manjam, a social networking site for gay men.

Ejaz reportedly told investigators that he used the site to arrange hookups with the men, but instead of sex, he drugged and strangled them to death.

He called the murders “wrong” but added he wanted to “give a message to these people and to society.”

“I tried to convince them to stop their dirty acts, but they would not,” he said. “So I decided to kill them.”

Police said Ejaz, a paramedic, had sex with the men before murdering them, a claim Ejaz has denied, The New York Times reported.

Police investigating the murders traced Ejaz using the mobile phone records of his victims. Posing as a gay man, they lured him to an apartment in Lahore.

Gay sex is illegal in Pakistan but prosecutions are rare, the Times reported.