Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts said Sunday that she's thankful for the indifference her coming out gay received.

The 53-year-old Roberts quietly came out in December when she thanked her girlfriend Amber Laign in a Facebook post for standing by her side during a tumultuous year.

Roberts, who is pitching her latest book Everybody's Got Something, told This Week's George Stephanopoulos that she acted because she wanted to publicly thank her partner.

“I was always thanking my doctors and my sister. And this wonderful person had been right there by my side through it all, and I had never said to the public, 'Thank you Amber,” Roberts said. “I just wanted to do that.”

“And I think because in part from that interview and everything that's happened in this country since,” said Roberts, referring to a 2012 interview she conducted with President Barack Obama, in which he endorsed marriage equality. “And I have been, and so has Amber – We've been overwhelmed with the support, but also grateful for the 'meh.'” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)