Some business owners in Mississippi are protesting a controversial law which opponents say allows businesses to discriminate against gays.

Round blue stickers declaring “We don't discriminate. If you're buying, we're selling” are being displayed in the windows of hundreds of businesses.

The window sticker campaign is a response to passage of the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The law, which takes effect July 1, aims to “provide that state action or an action by any person based on state action shall not burden a person's right to the exercise of religion.”

Opponents say the measure could allow businesses and individuals to refuse services to gay people and minorities.

“People are going to take it as permission, if you will, to discriminate against people they don't necessarily agree with or like,” Eddie Outlaw, who married his husband in another state and owns a hair salon in Jackson, told the AP.

“We have a long and well-documented history of discrimination in this state,” said Outlaw, an organizer of the “We don't discriminate” campaign. “To think there won't be any discrimination is laughable.”

Five hundred decals have already been distributed to businesses and an additional 1,000 stickers are on order.

After a loud outcry, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in February vetoed a similar bill. Lawmakers in other states have rejected similar measures.