Mat Staver warns that the spread of gay marriage could lead to a second American Revolution.

Staver, who heads the Christian conservative Liberty Counsel, made his comments during an appearance on Light of the Southwest, which is broadcast on God's Learning Channel.

“We're seeing the beginning groundswell of a potential new American Revolution,” Staver said.

“And we don't talk about that in a light way because this is a country that's supposed to protect religious freedom. But if it continues to go down that road, to disrespect religious freedom, whether it's in the area of Obamacare, abortion or same-sex marriage – and same-sex marriage is so pervasive it will have a huge impact on everybody – that we're going to run into that decision point of persecution and/or revolution.”

“This is what happened in the Civil Rights Movement, where blacks were told you can't drink at this water fountain. If you're going to get on this bus, you got to get in the back of the bus. You can't sit at this counter to have a meal. And people began to ultimately protest.”

“And Martin Luther, of course, was always speaking of non-violent protest, and I would hope that that's what we would do here.”

“But you never know what happens,” Staver added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)