An Italian judge has ordered the recognition of a gay couple's marriage contracted in New York City.

Giuseppe Chigiotti, 68, and Stefano Bucci, 57,married in the Big Apple in December 2012. New York lawmakers approved a gay marriage law in 2011.

In his 5-page opinion, Judge Paolo Cesare Ottati of the Civil Court of Grosseto (Tuscany) affirmed that β€œa same-sex marriage contracted abroad is not against the Italian laws.”

β€œIt's undisputed that this marriage produces lawful effects in the State [in] which [it] was performed (New York, USA) and it is not against [those] laws,” Ottati concluded.

Blog Agere per Formulas noted that the order is a first for Italy, which currently does not recognize the relationships of gay and lesbian couples. Gay rights advocates hailed the ruling.