Stephen Trask, the original composer/lyricist of the cult hit Hedwig and the Angry Inch, has said that Neil Patrick Harris always seemed to him to be “the guy” to play Hedwig.

Hedwig, which had a long off-Broadway run at New York City's Jane Street Theater and was later turned into a movie in 2001 starring John Cameron Mitchell in the title role, tells the story of a transgender rock musician's search for “my other half.”

The musical returns to Broadway next month with Harris in the lead.

“I've wanted Neil to do this role since 2003, maybe earlier,” Trask told Frontiers LA. “I had met him at the Jane Street Theater in 1998 when he came to see the show, and I was very taken with him – really into him as a performer. I liked the way he talked and the way he carried himself. In the discussions after we knew John wasn't going to play the role again, Neil's name came up very early. He always seemed to be 'the guy.'”

On replacements for Harris once his run is over, Trask suggested Justin Timberlake.

“I would genuinely like to see Justin Timberlake do it,” he said. “The person who does it has to be a real entertainer, and he seems to be an all-around entertainer. Did River Phoenix sing? If he did, he would've been good. Honestly, I can't think past Neil. He is spectacular.”