An appeals court has affirmed a lower court's ruling awarding a lesbian chef $1.6 million after the owner of a Mexican restaurant routinely told her gays were “going to go to hell.”

Mirella Salemi sued Gloria's Tribeca, Inc., Gloria Tribecamex and principal owner Edward Globokar for violating the New York City Human Rights Law.

The defendants own the Mexican restaurant chain Mary Ann's.

Globokar, Salemi's former boss, held employee prayer meetings inside the West Broadway eatery where Salemi worked, asking God to heal the workers in the restaurant who were gay.

Salemi left the restaurant in 2007 after six years of employment.

Employees who did not share Globokar's religious beliefs were reportedly warned that they were looking at eternal damnation unless they repented.

Globokar's defense included claims that he was exercising his right to freedom of religion, Courthouse News Service reported.

“The trial court properly protected Globokar's First Amendment rights by instructing the jury that he had a right to express his religious beliefs and practice religion, providing that he does not discriminate against his employees based on religion or sexual orientation,” the appeals court said in its ruling.